Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taste of Cincinnati

How many times did you hit Taste? I think my record is now four times. I went with 5chw4r7z and friends on Sat and had what turned out to be my favorite dishes of the weekend: vegetable pad thai and chicken curry with rice from Arioi Dee. The pad thai was good, but I really enjoyed the spiciness in the chicken curry; too hot for some of my companions but it was just right for me.

Sunday 5chw4r7z accompanied me on my quest for chocolate mousse from Behle Street Cafe. Alas, we were too late and they had closed up for the night. We went on to the Courtyard Cafe stand where I had raspberry cloud pie instead. I liked it and the people at the stand were great, but the pie wasn't as good as I remember it from last year.

On Monday, since I was still on a quest for chocolate mousse, I decided to go down early in the afternoon, starting off at Market Street Grille, where I tried the jambalaya. Spicy happiness for me until I realized they didn't pull the tails off the shrimp! On to the Friday's booth where I had samples of two mojitos and won a hat. I also ran into someone I know, got a few samples (the Ghiardelli samples were the best!) and finally has my chocolate mousse, which was worth the wait, before heading home to beat the rain. Not bad for an hour's work! We went back down in the evening to check out Leroy Ellington and his band and made one last stop at Arioi Dee for the Thai vegetable spring roll. Over the course of the weekend, I tried everything from that place except for the California Roll.
Next on the schedule: Cincy Fringe!

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