Monday, July 5, 2010

Soho sushi

What's better than dinner with friends? When dinner turns into a Sushi Rampage! With about 10 people, this was a three week in the making sushi date. We hit Soho on its second night of evening hours. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, including allowing us behind the counter to see the inner workings of some of the machines.

Of course, if you're making sushi, you need the 50 pound bag of rice
Soho Sushi

I know some critics say it's the Chipotle of sushi but here's what's so great about it: You can get either a seaweed wrap or a soy wrap with the rice inside the wrap. If you ask, they'll also put the rice on the outside instead. If your're not feeling adventurous or are a sushi novice, there are some very tasty standard rolls suggested on the menu. And if you want to be creative, you can make all the choices, get as crazy as you want and not feel like you're spending a boatload of money. I choose both a standard with chicken and I got creative with crab, avacado and some other fixings. The staff will offer suggestions too, which is where the avacado comes in. I'm not a big fan of avacado, but this roll was fantastic. Since there were so many of us, we did a lot of sharing so everyone got to try several different rolls.

Soho Sushi
Soho Sushi
All in all, a very enjoyable and affordable dinner choice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cassidy's Surprise

A kitten is in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.

If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's baby animals and specifically, kittens of any kind. Cassidy recently got a kitten and since she's going to be away for a few weeks, I offerred to bring her home with me and return her when we meet for vacation. She didn't go for what I thought was a splendid idea. I did get some photos of the new kitten, Mai. You just can't find something much more adorable than a new kitten, really.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All or Nothing

Does anything in this video look familiar? If you've spent time in downtown Cincinnati, it might.
The George Moss video, filmed last month, was released yesterday. Everything in this video, except the club scenes was filmed in our condo, the building's roof and on Cincinnati streets in the downtown area. Moss is a Christian rap/hip hop/r & b artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan who came to Cincinnati to film his first music video. This video is actually the first two tracks from his cd; the first minute or so is his spoken word first track The Young Black Falcon and All or Nothing starts when the music kicks in. He sent us a copy of the cd. The whole thing is great; I've basically taken it from 5chw4r7z and play it in my car regularly. Enjoy...

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There Might Be Something To This Twitter Thing

I took the morning off last Thursday to do an interview about Twitter with Fox 19. While I'm not Cincinnati's most prolific blogger, I was happy to help them with this story. One of the things they explored is the way local govermental offices have begun using twitter. The Cincinnati Police Dept has a twitter account now, which I've looked at. the only problem is, you have to know the boundaries of each district to know if what they're tweeting about affects you. Cincinnati Public Services office has a twitter stream under CincinnatiSnow which I would likely find useful as well as the ODOT Cincinnati stream. For those of you who missed it, or who live out of town, here's the link to the story:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mr. Jones & Me

Well, since I missed Dhani Jones first photography exhibit, I made it a point to go to the opening of Senegal, Jones' second exhibit. I'm guessing he took these while filming another season of Dhani Tackles the Globe, his Travel Channel series. Check out the exhibit; he is a talented photographer.
Dhani Jones: Senegal
Smiling in the bright lights,
Coming through in stereo,
When everybody loves you, you can never be lonely.
-Counting Crows, Mr. Jones

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Amazing Race Cincinnati Style

Kate certainly knows how to throw a party. For her recent birthday, she arranged a very small party beginning with cocktails at Scott's house. She then arranged three teams of four people each and started handing out clues to each team. It was a race around the city with the first stop at Grammar's. At drinking establishments, she arranged to have bartenders hand out the clues. Bonus: several of the clues had a tidbit of Cincinnati history.
Kate's amazing race
Some of our fellow competitors
Next stop was Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams where each team found a lit votive and a clue leading to the Blind Lemon. The hardest part of this stop was finding a free legal parking place. Luckily 5chw4r7z was on the lookout, managing to find a legal space and what a good thing that was. Some unlucky car was being towed as we headed out of Mt. Adams and off to Race St.
Kate's amazing race
This is where things really got interesting because we over-thought the clue and headed to Yum-Yum. The nice old couple who own the restaurant noticed the ruckus outside (and Brian looking under the door mat for a clue) and came out to see what was going on. They had no clue, literally and figuratively as to what was going on, but let us take a picture with them to add to the fun.
Kate's amazing race
The clue we were looking for, taped to a wall down the street, led us to Tonic on Fourth.
Tonic, and the adjoining Local 127 are two of my favorite new downtown establishments. But that's a post for another day. With a drink here, added to the several before it, Kate expected us to do math! The equations revealed the address and street where the contest finished, which we already knew but went through the exercise just for fun. Now here's where we thought we were going to win- you had to have a 1976 coin with you when you arrived at the destination. We were close enough to casa de 5chw4r7z to go home where we found not only a coin from the year of her birth, but a bicentennial quarter. Alas, the prize was within our grasp- except for the fact that we were too slow and another team beat us there with a coin from '76. At least we weren't after the million dollars.
Kate's amazing race

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Local 127

Local 127 has opened in the former Pigall's on Fourth Street. 5chw4r7z and I were actually intending to have drinks next door at the lounge formerly known as Twist. The former Twist location won't be open for another two weeks. So we winged it, as usual, and decided to check out Local 127.

Local 127

Local 127 bills itself as a New American Eatery. The menu sounds like it will change regualrly based on local availability of ingredients. For instance, we were told this would be the last week for locally grown tomatoes. Local 127 prides itself on using only local source ingredients; from the farm to the table.

First stop: the bar (of course) where we were able to take in the decor of the entire lower level while chatting with bartenders Jody and Laura. We also met managers Craig and Christina who outlined some of the previously mentioned philosophy and mission for the restaurant. There was an excited, expectant energy in the air, very similar to opening night of a play. The staff were doing final preparations and waiting for the audience-er, customers, to arrive.

Next: Tours of the establishment including the meeting/party room, upstairs lounge and kitchen, which was, by the way, immaculate. There are plans to have a chef's table in the future where small groups would have an opportunity to be in the kitchen and see their food being prepared.

Local 127

Last: We tried the Kentucky Bourbon Sundae. One word to describe it: RICH. This is undoubtedly a dessert to be shared and way more than one patron would likely want to consume on their own, especially after a full meal. I tasted a hint of coconut on the first bite that quickly gave way to the bourbon taste. Now, I'm not a bourbon connoisseur at all, but I thought the amount of bourbon was perfect. There was definitely more than a taste but it wasn't overpowering.

Local 127

Tonight was truly a delightful experience at what is sure to become one of Cincinnati's premiere dining establishments.