Sunday, March 9, 2008

The week in review- backwards


The general public emerged from their cocoons Sunday, but we did it first thing Sat. First up, tromping through Piatt Park with 5chw4r7z and Jackie, measuring snowfall amounts and snowdrifts.

We thought the world really was coming to an end when we got to First Watch and found it closed. But we had a great breakfast at Ingredients, which was open. And we watched the wonderful city workers truck the snow out of downtown before lunch at Margarita's. They decorate all the tables differently-this one is my favorite.

The Japanese work ethic was evident Sat. This place was one of only three open in the food court.


We had plans to dine with friends for Break the Chain/Go Independent Week. I mentioned this might not be a good idea during a blizzard but 5chw4r7z was having none of it. He was going if he had to take a dogsled to get there. The decision was made for him when Chalk called to say they were closing early. Papa John's doesn't really get it when you're in the mood for a good dinner.


My favorite coffee place in Columbus is gone, gone, GONE! I had a taste for something cold, chocolately and blended and figured we'd stop at the Coffee Table in Short North. For the longest time 5chw4r7z and I called it Coffee Time. When we finally realized our mistake, we just kept calling it Coffee Time because we liked that name better. Making it back to Cincinnati in time, we went to Kitty's on Court Street. My cold, chocolately, whatever-you-call-it was almost as good as what I would have gotten in Columbus. My only complaint-no soy milk at Kitty's.


Pick up 5chw4r7z in Canton and head to IHOP for breakfast before visiting some of my family. That breakfast was the perfect antidote to an extremely late night in downtown Cleveland.


Why was I in Cleveland, you say? For Elicia's bachelorette party, of course! Those nice people at the Wyndham overbooked the hotel, but put us up at the Sheraton & picked up the tab! Bonus points: the Sheraton had a free shuttle so no one had to drive. I'll spare you the sordid details; suffice it to say we had a good time.

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