Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Christmas Present

Christmas 2008
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...that I didn't actually get. Mike & Elicia let a cat adopt them a while ago, not knowing it was pregnant. This is one of the kittens and in an attempt to not get attached, they hadn't given him a name. 5chw4r7z decided to call him "Erin Marie's future kitten". He was so relaxed here, purring loudly and I was in love. I let my better judgement take over- I knew if we brought this little guy home, he'd be into everything we'll be packing up over the next few weeks.

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Debba said...

Thanks for leaving the heart of Cincy for our brunch. Not quite a suburb, and no where as cool as your new home (gorgeous photos - wow!), so thanks for making the effort and being fun to hang out with.

Good luck with the move and the new kitten! Debba