Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Me at a Beer Taste?

Yes, it's true. I went to a beer taste and drank - beer. Well, I sipped some. Morton's hosted a Beer for Bloggers tasting of three Chimay beers paired with such delights as petite filet mignon sanswiches, tuna tartare canapes and, my favorite, hot chocolate cake. The Chimay Cinq Cents is brewed for one year in the bottle using water from the abbey where it's brewed. I tasted apricots, although that's the scent described for the Chimay Premiere. With the Premiere, I picked up on a honey scent. This was the only beer I didn't actually sip because I didn't want to ruin the lovely aroma. The Morton's staff noted the Grand Reserve can be stored for years and becomes like a port wine as it ages. This had a nice caramel flavor and was originally brewed as a Christmas beer.

If you missed the event tonight, you have another opportunity to sample the food and beer on Friday, Oct. 24. Tickets go for $45 with $5 from each ticket going to Make A Wish.

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