Sunday, September 7, 2008

Driehaus for Congress

5chw4r7z and I ventured out to the west side yesterday to meet Democratic congressional candidate Steve Driehaus at the Front Porch Coffeehouse. Driehaus outlined his positions on several major issues starting off with the foreclosure crisis. One thing I really liked was Direhaus' commitment to the needs of urban core residents. Additionally, there was an opportunity to discuss how campaigns are run and Driehaus addressed the ad his opponent has been running on local tv. I get tired of all the negative advertising that goes on in many political races. When a candidate tears an opponent down in an ad it takes away from the real question: what are you, as a candidate going to do and how are you going to accomplish it?

Driehaus has a 97% attendance rate as a state representative since his first win of the office in 2000. He serves on the Govenor's Forelcosure Prevention Task Force as well as committees including Finance and Appropriations, State Government and Elections, Public Utilities and Insurance. You can find more information about Driehaus here

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Joe Wessels said...

Thank you very much EMS... Very nice post. I especially like the link to the site. Thank you for coming Saturday and taking time out of your weekend. Sorry you had trouble finding us.