Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Ones

Friend from work tells me she had a dream about me where she comes to my office to talk, but I tell her I'm busy and being really snippy and short with her, telling her to go away. She looks around, sees I'm not writing and not on the computer. And in her dream, she's wondering why I'm being so short with her when she sees something black race from under my desk to under the other desk. That's when she realizes what's going on- she dreamt I was trying to hide three little cats in my office! She said one was white, one black and one calico.

The night she dreamt that may have been the night I saw my sister-in-laws new kittens. Three black and two black and white. I played with all of them- they were all adorable and way too little to leave their mother.



Jackie said...

That doesn't sound like a dream to me - I can totally imagine you trying to get away with that!

Tina Lane said...

What is not to love about kittens. cutesy!