Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm In, I'm in, I'm in!

After several attempts and one success I'm finally doing another play in Cincinnati. I found out Friday I've been cast in the Tri-County Players production of "These Are the Days of Our Ives", a night of six one acts written by David Ives. I will keep it a secret as to what role I got, but it is one of the ones I was most interested in. After doing "Red Hot Lovers" a year ago and having done over a dozen shows back up north, where I come from, I thought it would be easier to break in here. But, bigger city, bigger pool of people to pick from.


jackie said...

You keep forgetting to mention when we can come see you! Or would it make you nervous to have me sitting there, making faces and trying to distract you? :P

Ms5chw4r7z said...

The show goes up in Mid-April. I'll save exact dates for later.
5chw4r7z sits in the front row whether I'm in the show or not so I don't think I can be distracted.

ekalb said...

I'll bring the whoopie cushion then.